IV drips will give you an energy boost, enhanced performance, anti-ageing ability and improve your health.

You can drip weekly, but it is not entirely necessary. Most people drip every 2-3 weeks or even once a month. It is entirely up to you.

IV drip therapy is completely safe if all the correct procedures are followed. You must drip at an esteemed drip bar where there is a certified nurse present and the vitamins used are medically approved. All necessary medical details must be provided to you before receiving your drip. We do not administer drips to pregnant woman not because it is unsafe but for precautionary measures in case the dosage of vitamins is too high for the unborn fetus.

People lose most the essential nutrients in oral vitamins during digestion. This is the result of a 20% absorption rate in which oral vitamins do not provide all the necessary nutrients. Patients may also take too many vitamins at high concentrations which may upset the digestive system. In comparison to IV drip therapy which has a 100% absorption rate as the vitamins are directed straight through the blood stream. Bioactivity is improved allowing for immediate use of the vitamins and their nutrients and will last longer than the oral vitamins.

It depends on which drip you choose. For a 200ml it will take 10-15 minutes but for a 1L it can take up to an hour.

When the body is in detox there is a possibility of feeling slightly tired as the system is in repair but there are no negative side effects.

The needle is inserted, and you will feel a tiny prick but once its in then you can relax and feel no discomfort at all…